Benue Flood Relief Case Draws International Attention: Bar. Rommy Mom to be Profiled in International Day to End Impunity Campaign

01 Nov


When I first started talking about the Flood Relief Funds palaver in Benue state, I had no idea the whole thing would grow to such exponential proportions. Apparently it has.

You might remember that one Bar. Rommy Mom had made enquiries of the state regarding the status of funds meant for victims of the flood. When he could get no satisfaction from the Benue State Emergency Management Agency, the organization which was meant to have managed the disbursement of the funds appropriately, he took the matter to court but lost the case. Thereafter I understand, the threats began.

Well, apparently the dude has been a human rights activist for a while and the whole episode did not go unnoticed. Indeed it has made Nigeria one of the countries the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX) is concerned about as it commences its 2013 anti impunity campaign.

You might need to read the article below to get the full story.


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