1. Ajim Udeh

    July 15, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Judge Onum is a fraud just like the serial forger/thief Gabriel Torwua Suswam! Rumour? How so when the serial forger and chief thief of Benue, Gabriel Torwua Suswam publicly announced that the N500m was intact and has not been spent, only to come up days later at a press conference to say that the money was divided to the affected local governments for flood control.

    Suswam keeps bribing criminals like Onum to het his way for now while the people affected by the flood suffer. But this is not new at all. This is the same Suswam that pocketed millions of Naira from the Zaki Biam settlement where many of his kinsmen and women were murdered by the army and their properties destroyed! Gabriel Torwua Suswam is a shameless thief that cares not about the people but cares much about stealing from the public. If anyone doubted Pres. Obasanjo when said on national TV that Gabriel Torwua Suswam is the most corrupt man in Nigeria, they should look any further! And the most corrupt judiciary in the world aides and abates his corrupt practices while the vast majority of the governed suffer.

    May God punish them one by one!

    Ajim Udeh


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