Suit on Harassment of Women in Abuja, Lawyers Alert wins Round 1

19 Jun

Recall Lawyers Alert had sued the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and the Commissioner of Police of the FCT seeking Orders of Court stopping them from the continuous harassment of women at nights in Abuja on suspicion of prostitution.

Lawyers Alert argues that the practice is not only discriminatory against women but also an affront on their right to free movement amongst others. Women get molested and even raped in the course of this. Women cannot move freely while men can.

The Federal Capital Minister and the Commissioner of Police had filed preliminary objection to the suit, questioning the locus standi of Lawyers Alert or ordinary parlance, the interest of Lawyers Alert in the matter.

In a considered ruling today, 19th June 2013, following arguments , the Presiding Judge of the Abuja High Court 26, Justice O. A Adeniyi, ruled for Lawyers Alert, and throwing out the preliminary objection.

He opined that as a Human Rights NGO, Lawyers Alert need not show any interest in any matter of human rights, as they as automatically involved where the issue is the enforcement of such rights.

We will be posting the full Ruling of Court in due course.

Barr Chigozie Onah represented Lawyers Alert while Ivoke Hezekiah from the office of the Attorney General of the Federation represented the Minister and the IGP.

16th July is for substantive Hearing

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One response to “Suit on Harassment of Women in Abuja, Lawyers Alert wins Round 1

  1. Ajim Udeh

    June 19, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Barrister Mom: you continue to do us proud! Please keep up the good work. The treatment of women as second class citizens must end. Prostitution is NOT a problem in Abuja or Nigeria. Bad governance and outright theft of public funds is. Maybe if these millionaire National Assembly members and the clueless President work to solve real problems facing Nigeria instead of stealing from the public, girls won’t have to go and sleep with them just to pay their way through school. For heaven’s sake, each member of the National Assembly makes more money than the President of the United States! And what’s there for the average Nigerian? Nothing! They must stop harassing the women. There can be no prostitutes without men needing their services. And many of those men are members of the National Assembly! – Ajim Udeh


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